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Bryan K. Osburn

Designer Bryan K. Osburn started his fashion career in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois in 1985. Realizing his passion for bridal and evening wear, Bryan made the decision to move to the fashion capital of the world, New York City. His gifted hands and luxurious designs landed him his first job on 7th Avenue in the bridal district with Vera Wang before working with other designers such as Galina, Jim Hjelm, Lazaro and Alvina Valenta.

In 1993 Bryan decided to go out on his own and design under the name Bryan K. Osburn Collection. He sold bridal gowns to high end specialty boutiques throughout New York City, made custom designs for private clientele and later moved into designing for various celebrities.

In 2000 Bryan moved to Province, France where he spent a year and a half designing and participating in fashion shows for international interior designer Paul Mathieu. He then decided to move to Charlotte, North Carolina to experience southern culture.

While living in Charlotte, Bryan became the in house designer for various bridal boutiques throughout the metro. Soon after he decided that he wanted to work with private clients and create custom gowns. 

With 25 years of custom design experience Bryan is back in Chicago doing what he loves, designing custom made bridal and evening wear. Returning to Chicago has reignited his love affair with the people and places that originally inspired his dreams of becoming a designer. 

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