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Our Designers

We carry designers for every type of bride from boho to traditional. Check out our         Instagram to see what dresses we currently carry. 


Inspired by the intersection fashion trends and the needs of real brides, Justin Alexander designs the perfect wedding day look with stunning silhouettes, adorned necklines and high attention to detail. Each brand caters to a different bride through fabrication, design, styling and price point. With exceptional quality and elegant styling, Justin Alexander’s designs have gained recognition and have been worn by brides across the globe, allowing the company to become one of America’s and Europe’s most influential producers of wedding fashions.

Sincerity is the romantic and enchanting collection from Justin Alexander--with an affordable price tag. Each design is distinctly recognized for its vintage inspiration paired with progressive details. Recognizing that a bride’s taste in fashion is as complex as the woman herself, the company has diversified itself to include the marquee collection Justin Alexander, in addition to the noteworthy designs of Justin Alexander Signature, Lillian West, Sincerity Bridal and Sweetheart Gowns.


Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,  Lis Simon's goal was to create a bridal line that was simple, modern, affordable, and well made.   We want our brides to feel confident, beautiful and loved when they wear a Lis Simon wedding gown.  We believe in a simple formula of providing exceptional quality,  workmanship and design to our collections.   Our gowns are designed in Calgary, Canada and produced with our manufacturing partners overseas in an ethical and safe environment with some of the worlds highly skilled tradesmen and women.

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Hello, beautiful. You may have imagined your fantasy wedding dress, but we just made it a reality. We’re excited to announce Liv by Kelly Faetanini! These new gowns balance a cool girl vibe with an elevated feel at an accessible price. Giving a nod to Kelly’s precious daughter, the new Liv label captures a youthful free spirit and joyful perspective, combining it with Kelly’s artful tailoring and distinct aesthetic.

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Robert Bullock grew up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi giving him his southern roots.  At an early age Robert possessed a strong interest in anything fashion related.  With his drive and passion he truly is a self-taught designer, with skills of draping, pattern making and sewing.

In 2009, wanting to reach a broader audience, Robert launched Robert Bullock Bride. This allowed Robert to design more gowns at an affordable price and bring joy to Brides who could not afford a Couture Gown. Without compromising style, he is able to give a Couture look with a timeless, elegant feel. Robert Bullock Bride has been his most successful venture in his career to date.


An innate sense of style is synonymous with the Madi Lane bride. It lingers in every fibre of her being and is exhibited in the finest of elements that make up her Australian-designed wedding gown. Dancing between modern ingenuity and timeless sophistication, Madi Lane gowns tell the tale of ‘girl meets dress’ - a timeless love story. Each and every Madi Lane creation features delicate appliqué and embellishments, artfully placed on high quality fabrics and polished in every detail. With personality and personalisation in mind, each gown embodies a fierce femininity, fitting individual body as well as it does the individual spirit.


Evie Young creations feature in-house designed exclusive laces, earthen textural layers and innovative silhouettes.Making it our mission to transcend the traditional, modernise the monotonous, and inspire individuality, we do all we do with passion and mindfulness – for our brides and for our world. 


Designed in Australia, the Evie Young brand embodies the attributes of our Australian heritage. We value the blazing of new trails, the inspiration of all that is nature, the comradery of community, and the finding of joy in every part of the journey. We salute the brave and bold, admire the kind and caring, and revere the trailblazers and world-changers. We are honoured to be worn by the authentic women of the world.

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