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Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I start looking for my wedding dress?
9-12 months before the wedding is ideal.
It takes about 4-6 months for the dress to come in and 3-4 months to complete alterations. 

What is the difference between off the rack and ordering?
Off the rack means that you purchase the sample that we have in store for a discounted price. 
The discount depends on the dress but can be anywhere from 15%-40% off. 
Ordering means that we will measure you and order you a new dress. 
Please note that ordering does not mean you will not need alterations.
We measure bust, waist, and hips and order the closest size per the designers size chart. 

What is your price range?
Our dresses start around $1200 and go up to $3600. We also have discontinued dresses for $826!

What are discontinued dresses?
This means the designer no longer makes this style so we would not be able to order it in a different size or color. 

What sample sizes do you have?
We only have one sample per dress in store, our samples range from size 8-16 
Bridal does run small so a size 8 in bridal is a typically a 4 or 6 in streetwear. 

How long does it take for a dress to come in?
Depending on the designer, it takes about 4-6 months for the dresses to come in.
Most designers have rush options if needed at an additional cost. 

How long does it take for accessories to come in?
Jewelry, belts and veils can take up to 12 weeks, but typically come sooner.
Most accessories are available for a rush which is $25 and get accessories in between 4 to 6 weeks! 

Woah, I didn't know it took so long! What if my wedding is soon?!
We have options! 
You can purchase a rush fee from one of our designers or you can purchase one of our dresses off the rack and take your dress home with you that day or start alterations with us! 
Speaking of alterations, we do have alterations in house and make our brides a priority to ensure we get the perfect fit before the wedding!

How many appointments should I go to?
It is completely up to you. Most brides go to 3-5 appointments but everyone is different. 
The most important thing is that you stop yourself before you get overwhelmed. 

What/Who should I bring to my appointment(s)?
Proper undergarments are always good to bring, such as nude underwear and a nude strapless bra. 
You can also go braless in appointments if you are comfortable. 

Since we are a small boutique, we recommend up to four guests. 
Our best advice is to make sure you bring the most important people to share this day with who will be honest with you and make you feel happy and beautiful! If you do need additional guests, after 4 guests there is a $25 per extra person. 

How long are your appointments?
Bridal appointments at Weddings 826 are one hour long.
Accessories appointments and repeat bridal appointments can be 30 minutes or one hour long. 

Do you charge a fee to book an appointment?
There is a $25 fee to for weekend appointments. We do have a $50 cancellation fee if the cancellation is made less than 48 hours in advance or $100 fee for day of cancellation or you do not show up to your appointment. Credit card information is required to be taken upon booking your appointment. 

Can I bring champagne?
Of course! We do not serve champagne, however you are more than welcome to bring your own beverages and glassware for you and your guests.

Will the dress come in my exact size?
No. We measure bust, waist and hips upon the decision to order a dress.
We will compare measurements to the designers size chart and base your size off of the biggest measurement. 

Do you have alterations in house?
We do! We have three senior tailors who works right in the shop on select days. 
All questions about alterations can be answered here.

Can you do customizations?
Yes, some customizations can be done through the designer and others can be done in alterations. 
Some customizations include cutting off the train, adding beading, making sleeves, lowering back, etc. 

I found a dress I love at another shop out of state, can I order it through Weddings 826?
As long as the dress is by a designer and collection that we carry then you can certainly order through us!

I live out of state, can you ship my dress to me?
Yes! If you found THE dress at Weddings 826 and you love out of state we can ship it to you. 
Shipping is a $90 flat fee and no Chicago sales tax. 
We get it in store, steam it and make sure it looks great. Then we send it to you and it is insured via FedEx. 

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